Make Life Work with Luke Murphy

Series 3 of the Make Life Work podcast returns with a special “Home Edition” format as we try to get through the current COVID-19 lockdown; finding a suitable balance with new work situations, personal demands and any time for fun. For this series, I’m reducing the length to 30 minutes, recording around the guest’s availability and minimising production for a faster turn around (no Nicholas Parsons techniques this time). I’ll keep recording until we’re through the lockdown, hopefully every week, but possibly every fortnight as I’m also trying to make side projects work amongst different circumstances.

Luke Murphy - design manager at Memrise - is no stranger to podcasting with his own podcast, Rhythm and Brews. He’s also a single dad of a young child and works as a team leader in tech, so there’s plenty in common and (hopefully) useful insights to how he’s coping in the lockdown.