Selfish Problem Solving

The one when Si, Mike & Sam invite Shari Muhima to the conversation about mindsets for creativity and any themes in their side projects.

Season 5 Episode 4 brings our first On The Side guest to the panel discussion, Shari Muhima.

Due to technical failures (Si forgot to record individual "local" tracks in Zoom, instead selecting the single "cloud" option by mistake), the audio quality of this episode isn't optimal and there are occasions when people talk over each other. Apologies in advance.

Show Notes

Icebreaker: "What did you learn from your side project this week?"

  • Sam: trust your instinct
  • Mike: 11ty on personal blog (database to Markdown)
  • Shari: applied learning
  • Si: Google Sheets formula

Question 1: “What kind of mindset do you think prompts creativity and the desire to take on a side project? Have you ever noticed a trend?

Question 2: “What sort of side projects do you prefer? Is there a theme?

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